Raw Coconut Qasil hair butter oil

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Our Nutrient rich made from fresh organic raw coconut oil with Qasil extract. 

 Organic Coconut oil provides rich nutrients to hair roots that helps longer and stronger hair by increasing hair volume and density. Organic Coconut oil reduces hair breakage and acts as a natural shield against hair loss. Organic Coconut oil provides immense stress relief if massaged into the scalp. Hair follicles rejuvenate with the use of Organic Coconut oil.

Coconut oil can be used on the hair and nails as well has the skin.


Globally sourced

packaged in the USA

use within 6 months

keep in cool 

Raw Coconut Oil + Qasil Oil

All of our products are made fresh every week. We recommend to use the product within 3 months. 

Store in Cool, Dry Place out of direct sunlight. External Use Only, If irritation occurs stop use.

Recycling Instructions:

Rinse the glass bottle or plastic container and its cap thoroughly, and recycle along with all packaging materials.

Recommended For: All hair types. Assists in preventing breakage and strengthens hair. Promotes hair growth.

Scent: Coconut + Sweet Cookies

Color: Tea Green

Texture: Smooth Buttery + Melts in Hand

Nourishes Hair

Prevents Breakage

Promotes Natural Growth

Key ingredients

How to use

Apply gently.

Massage with hands or fingertips
into Hair. Use daily as desired.



Minimal impact on the environment.


We will never test on our furry friends.


Our vegan ingredients are also backed by science.